Teacher As Designer is a design-thinking workshop that empowers teachers (pre-K through 12th) to become instructional designers by developing new design-thinking skill sets, and applying them to their own classroom to craft engaging ed + tech experiences for their students. Teacher As Designer is a powerful professional development pathway to learn important new skills, refine everyday practice and design fun, standards-aligned, student-centered, classroom content. #EduPLAYtion

Teacher As Designer

  • Restores creativity to teaching and learning which makes for happy teachers, and engaged students.
  • Applies innovative design thinking approaches to teaching and learning reflecting how innovation happens outside of the classroom.
  • Was developed by teachers, for teachers and fosters powerful campus collaborations, and generates new enthusiasm for teaching.

How It Works

Teacher As Designer is a series of design-thinking workshops aligned to each step of the design cycle: Empathy, Definition, Ideation, Prototype, Test and Reflect & Refine.

Over the course of a school year, teacher-designers apply design principles to their pedagogy and practice, collaborate with campus colleagues and work alongside a Histrionix Learning designer who sees them each step along the way, all while earning required professional development hours.

By the end of the experience, each teacher-designer creates turn-key content customized to their classrooms, and their students – by design.