HistoriaHISTORIA  is a curriculum aligned social studies simulation and strategy game that teaches world history & cultures, geography, government and economics to middle school, high school and home school students.

HISTORIA  features interactive game play, so students are able to hold history in their hands and shape it to their liking – a challenging task requiring rigorous research, critical thinking, creative problem solving, balanced budgeting and teamwork – which are building blocks of twenty-first century citizenship.

After researching the people, places and events from each of HISTORIA’s twenty – one  (21) epochs – or historically accurate rounds of game play – student led governments – or game-play teams – invest the money their economies produce on the Pillars of Civilization, including Culture, Economy, Education, Exploration, Government, Military, Public Works and Science & Technology.

As a result, students teach themselves the curriculum – at their own pace – in preparation for what HISTORIA  has coming for the country they control and the people they protect.

With HISTORIA, no longer is social studies a second class subject.

At long last – social studies takes center stage through interactive game play, so vital subjects like history, government and economics are explained through meaningful experiences that help build new knowledge and skills – and teach life long lessons.

HISTORIA – learn history by leading it.

Institute of Play – in partnership with The Gates Foundation and Fast Company – produced a documentary film series called PLAYMAKERS, which featured Historia “Gaming the History of Civilization” and its impact on teaching and learning in the classroom.

Student Testimonials

  • “Historia is a fun and effective way to learn about history firsthand through a game. It also gives kids more appreciation for history and respect for other cultures.” – Vishnu N., Age 12
  • “It doesn’t even feel like you’re learning because its so fun!” – Caleb Z., Age 12
  • “Historia is living inside the history you are learning.” – Julia E., Age 12
  • “For the first time, I understand how history was lived instead of imagining how.” – Madeline M., Age 11
  • “Historia is basically the textbook coming to life.” -Olivia C., Age 11

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