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Histrionix Learning is a Big Idea!

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Histrionix Learning was featured by Author Andrea White in the Big Ideas section of the Houston Chronicle for our award winning creative writing + game design program with Writers in the Schools (WITS) – called WITS Digital. Recently, WITS Digital was awarded the prestigious HAA Jamail Innovation Award for breaking new ground in public education,… Read more »

Histrionix Learning is Breaking New Ground!

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Good news! Recently, Histrionix & Writers in the Schools were awarded the Houston Arts Alliance Jamail Innovation Award for our “groundbreaking” creative writing + game design program called WITS Digital. WITS Digital students learn to translate their original stories and poems into video games and publish them online for others to play and review using… Read more »

The New Histrionix Blog is Here!

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Welcome to the new Histrionix Learning blog! Histrionix is a Houston-based, teacher-owned instructional design company that builds fun, STEAM-powered learning programs and games that fuel education as experience, students as creators and teachers as designers. In other words, Histrionix Learning is built upon the radical notion that learning should be fun, so our work is… Read more »

Game-Based Learning Research

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Research suggests that game-based learning promotes collaboration, higher-level, systems thinking and creative problem-solving. Check out the below research, supporting games in education. https://gamesandimpact.org/impact-based-research/ http://www.instituteofplay.org/work/projects/glasslab-research/ http://gamelab.mit.edu/research https://educators.brainpop.com/game-based-learning-research/ https://www.filamentgames.com/blog/research-roundup-studies-support-game-based-learning http://www.edutopia.org/blogs/beat/game-based-learning http://stemchallenge.org/about/why-games/