Histrionix Learning programs and professional development workshops can run in-school or after-school, for one semester or two.

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Career Design (more info)

6th-8th grade

Life Design is a “sandbox” program that teaches students to explore educational and professional career pathways inside HISD and out, so they can develop a thoughtful, long- term life plan.


Game Design

4th-9th grade

Gamestar Mechanic is a web-based game and online community that teaches students to design, refine and publish their very own video games. Program participants receive game access for life and may participate in the National STEM Video Game Challenge.

Just Add Beats

Music-Making (more info)

6th-12th grade

Just Add Beats is a STEAM-powered audio makerspace and workshop that puts a fully functioning recording studio in the school and teaches students the art and science of music making.


A.R.T. Project

6th-12th grade

Augmented Reality Technology (A.R.T) Project teaches students to use AR tech to breathe new life into their ideas and creations — like modern-day magic.


STEAM + Music

K-5th grade

Andyroo and The Andyrooniverse weaves music, movement and play with a variety of curriculum-aligned STEAM topics.



6th-12th grade

Historia is an IB, curriculum-aligned social studies simulation and strategy game, spanning 4,000 years of history, from the ancient world to modern times. Historia is an interactive, history-in-the-making program.

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